Why FAST Defense Works

For too many people, too often ? an adrenaline release hinders or even stops entirely their ability to perform as required to achieve a positive outcome. In fact, the freeze response when threatened is the most primordial self-preservation response we have. Though this response may have improved our chances of survival when faced with a threat, such as being hunted by a sabretooth tiger, a freeze response in modern times, more often than not, results in a greater likelihood of our being victimized.

It is because of our instinct to freeze first, that training to flee or fight becomes even more crucial. And ultimately, more difficult. Most self-defense instruction focuses on long term repetition to ensure that an optimal fight response is achieved. Though some training is better than no training, long-term high repetition doesn?t always result in an optimal response when threatened. We often train this way because, it appeals to our current cultural concepts of learning. However, at FAST Defense we believe that in order to survive in an asymmetrical world with asymmetrical threats, the best way to train is, asymmetrically.

Through an intricate and finely choreographed instructional pro