3 day Basic Instructor Course

The Basic Instructor Course (BIC) Level I Certification includes the full tool kit for the ABCs in just 3 days. All 3 Instructor manuals. These manuals detail all the ins and outs of how to successfully run a FDG Adult Level I class. Your training will be led by a FAST Defense Global Master Instructor (MI). Your MI will take you step-by-step to engineer a positive experience in a very short time. You will experience how a Level I course is taught to the public as you assist your MI in conducting an actual coarse.

PLEASE NOTE: Before purchasing this course, ensure that you have filled out the form here. Also note that we need to confirm a minimum of 3 instructor trainers for the course. If we get less than three registered for the class we will need to reschedule it.

We recommend that all travel plans be made with the ability to reschedule/cancel.