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As a Member of the International FAST Instructor Team, you can bring the myriad benefits of FAST to the people in your Community and enjoy the many rewards of making a powerful difference in the lives of others.

Whether you are a martial arts school owner or a professional instructor looking to expand your courses. FDG is glad to have you join our team. To schedule an instructor certification in your area or to signup for a current class email us

3 day Basic Instructor Course

The Basic Instructor Course (BIC) Level I Certification includes the full tool kit for the ABCs in just 3 days. All 3 Instructor manuals. These manuals detail all the ins and outs of how to successfully run a FDG Adult Level I class. Your training will be led by a FAST Defense Global Master Instructor (MI). Your MI will take you step-by-step to engineer a positive experience in a very short time. You will experience how a Level I course is taught to the public as you assist your MI in conducting an actual coarse.

You have the option of attending one of FDG’s regional instructor training or by having a Master Instructor come to you. Each option has different perks and different prices. Certification starts at $599 per person which includes 1 year membership with FDG.

We suggest a 4 person team of 2 males and 2 females (2 coaches & 2 woofers). This will help you run better courses for the public and maximize your certification potential. Each person on your team needs to be a FDG member.

Additional Certifications

After certifying in the Basic Instructor Course (BIC) and conducting a few classes on your own, it’s time to add some certifications. FDG has lots to offer! Additional certifications are just $175 and many certifications take just one day.

  • Stop Assault FAST Level II

  • Combat Ground Fighting

  • Defense Against Armed Assailant

  • Defense Against Multiple Assailants

  • Combat Ground Fighting against armed attacker

  • Combat Ground Fighting against multiple attackers

  • Defense use of a stick

  • Defense use of a knife

  • Defense Against Active Shooter Event

  • FAST CATS – Child Assertiveness Training Series

Ongoing training and licensing with an annual payment or the monthly payment.

Annual Payment ($119.40)
Monthly Payment ($9.99)