MONTH 5 – Soft Shield Scenario #1 Class Plan

Congratulations on making it this far into the monthly online training segments.?? By now you and your students should have a good grasp on many of the softer skill sets of FAST that have everything to do with self-defense but nothing to do with striking and hitting. So now we get to hit something! Be sure to watch both of this month?s video segments carefully before applying this class plan in your classes.

This segment introduces you to the soft shield methodology and 3 step process that is the cornerstone of all the FAST fighting methods. You will find it challenging at first as it follows a very different training method than how we typically train in traditional MA?s and self-defense. But I guarantee that if you stick with it, it will pay off huge dividends and will forever change how you train your students. This system develops more powerful strikes than anything else I have ever seen and allows you to run scenarios without any body armor.

*It also is the means to overcome the inhibited strikes that most MA training develops due to not striking full force in training for safety reasons.

?Bare in mind that everything we do in FAST is for a specific reason from empirical evidence we have gathered through decades and literally hundreds of thousands of live scenarios learning what people can and cannot do under duress. It?s with great pleasu