#5? The ring drill


This is the last drill in our free lesson series. But these lessons have only touched the surface of the training and drills that comprise the FAST training.

In this drill, the students will use the palm, knee and hammer fist strikes they?ve practiced in the other drills. They?ll also get a taste of having someone rushing towards them and some real adrenal fueled feelings.

Class mix

This drill is applicable to all classes including children and adults, beginners and advanced students.

Set-up requirements

All students need a pad.? Any pad will do for this drill, but the larger kick shields should?? be reserved for the larger students that are capable of moving them quickly.

The idea of this drill is that one student will be in the center of a ring comprising all the other students in the class.

The pad holders walk around together in a circle, clapping the pads and making HUGE noise. The student is in the middle of this.

If the pad holders are walking around clockwise, you would walk around anti- clockwise. You will tap a pad holder on the shoulder and that person would run screaming into the center clearly offering the pad in either the palm, hammer fist or knee position.

The student would then give about