#4 ? Unhelpful friends kneed?


In self-defense terms, we so seldom see high kicks, Thai leg kicks, jump kicks etc.; even from highly trained, world class combat athletes.

Why is that?

Because the nature of real violence is up close and personal ? at bad breath range ? wearing clothing and shoes that don?t encourage that ? on terrain that is poor for balance etc. etc.

But more than that ? our experience is that even when presented with an obvious low line target; people (and men in particular) will often get into an upper body struggle in an attempt to free their arms.

In this exercise, we?ll look at low line knees and a really great method of restriction training ? The unhelpful friends.

In terms of targeting ? we are looking at hitting the groin as hard as we can. Often people will miss but, if the strike is done correctly with power, even hitting the inner thigh can?? do the job.

Class mix

This drill is applicable to all classes including children and adults, beginners and advanced students.

Set-up requirements

Small focus pads, Thai style pads or large kick shields are used for the pad holder. For the unhelpful friends, the larger kick shields are best.

Initially have the students working with partners