#3 ? Restriction drill


In the FAST system there are only a few ?techniques?. Learning and progression is all about being able to take those few high percentage techniques that work for most people most of the time, and drill them in ways that ensure that people hit hard under pressure and continue to do so.

In this drill, we?ll take a basic hammer fist, drill it simply to dial in the technique and then push it through a simple restriction drill designed to make it more difficult to land.

In FAST system, restrictions are a great way of helping to induce the students to drive forwards and hit with power, even when the conditions make it really difficult.?? This?? helps to instill the mindset that is the bedrock of effective self-defense ? we always say that real fights are 5% technique and 95% spirit.

This is another drill that will send everyone home in massive high spirits, helping to boost your retention and referrals.

Class mix

This drill is applicable to all classes including children and adults, beginners and advanced students.

Set-up requirements

Small focus pads or Thai style pads are used. You will also need some bungee cords (like th