#2 ? Basic pad work drill


One of the basic pre-requisites of good adrenal stress training is what we call ?setting them up for success?.

One of the key differences in the way the brain functions under adrenal stress is that it?? uses experiences to solve problems rather than logical cognitive reasoning.

So the job of adrenal stress training is to accumulate positive, worthwhile experiences that support the under-stress decision making process of future real situations.

In this exercise, we?ll take a really simple pad work drill, and add a simple adrenal stress element to it.

If you do this exercise at the end of the class, you will send the students home on a huge high, boosting retention and referral rates.

Class mix

?This drill is applicable to all classes including children and adults, beginners and advanced students.

Set-up requirements

Small focus pads will be required. Ideally the smaller the better for this type of activity. Bigger pads tend to allow the students to be less accurate in their striking.? We recommend and sell a perfect pad for FAST training activities, but any small pad will do