Interesting information on knife defense.

While not a scientific study, well worthwhile to read: In the past I have always taught knife defense with the weapon in the lead hand and visible. To the general public this would seem like the way it should be, after all in order to stab or cut you it would have to be [...]

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As Seen On TV

Recently I went hunting with my 12 year old son and my brother. It was an amazing trip in the high desert of Southeastern New Mexico. The morning was cool and the sky was big and blue. The area of land I chose was perfect for deer. There was water, plenty of grass to [...]

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Self Defense Advertisements!

As I go through my Facebook news feed I am always struck by the advertisements for self defense classes and systems. Many of the ad's feature someone in camouflage bdu's or a black shirt with a gold shield logo. So are we to believe that they are creditable because the appear to be military or [...]

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