Welcome to a powerful new series of programs that are quickly becoming popular in America?s corporate world.? This program is called FAST Corporate Solutions and has been designed by top experts in the Self-Defense Industry. FAST Corporate Solutions not only gives employees personal safety skills, but also develops a tremendous attitude of camaraderie and team spirit.


Why Provide Self-Defense/Assertiveness training to your Employees?
Increase:? Confidence, team building, communication, conflict resolution, travel safety.
Violence in the Workplace is on the rise.? Increased tension and stress directly contribute to a growing number of verbal and physical attacks every year.? Interpersonal conflict greatly reduces productivity and peace of mind in most organizations.? FAST Corporate Courage provides skills to detect a problem before it becomes dangerous, and effectively resolve the conflict in a safe and creative manner.

Reduce:? Sexual harassment, workplace violence, negligence lawsuits.
Liability issues, (such as negligence law suits) are in the forefront of many Corporations.? FAST Defense participants are much less likely to get into a serious situation, and if necessary, are more likely to deal with the threat in an effective and appropriate manner.

More than Just A Self Defense Course:
FAST Corporate Solutions is a highly specialized self-defense and empowerment program that is taught by teams of female and male instructors, all trained in dealing with the physical and emotional process of an escalating confrontation.? The greatest challenge an individual faces when faced with a high-pressure situation is dealing with the natural anxiety, fear, adrenaline, and stress, known as the adrenal stress response.
Created to provide effective Self Defense for the growing needs of the corporate environment, FAST Corporate Solutions works on the same principles that effective businesses use every day.

Businessman leaning on desk talking to coworker