Interesting information on knife defense.

While not a scientific study, well worthwhile to read: In the past I have always taught knife defense with the weapon in the lead hand and visible. To the general public this would seem like the way it should be, after all in order to stab or cut you it would have to be [...]

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As Seen On TV

Recently I went hunting with my 12 year old son and my brother. It was an amazing trip in the high desert of Southeastern New Mexico. The morning was cool and the sky was big and blue. The area of land I chose was perfect for deer. There was water, plenty of grass to [...]

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Self Defense Advertisements!

As I go through my Facebook news feed I am always struck by the advertisements for self defense classes and systems. Many of the ad's feature someone in camouflage bdu's or a black shirt with a gold shield logo. So are we to believe that they are creditable because the appear to be military or [...]

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Some Kids (People) Are Just Mean

Take even a few minutes to be around a group of kids and you will inevitably hear something being said that will be taken as mean. ?Ew, you stink!? ?You?re stupid.? ?You?re not my friend anymore.? While a child saying mean things can feel hurtful, it is important for children to be able to recognize [...]

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ASE ( Active Shooter Event)

At this years 48 Hours of Adrenaline one of the "Hot topics" was how to deal with an Active Shooter.? FAST currently doesn't have a standardized curriculum for this specific topic although we certainly have several advanced class plans that can answer this question.? Does FAST need to put its foot in the ring on [...]

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What ever Happened to…..

"Sticks and Stones may break my Bones but Words will never Hurt me!" This months tip is for SBF.? With the invention of social media also comes cyber bullying.? Basically the Star Trek way to try and hurt someones feelings without having to be anywhere near them. As a parent you must know what your [...]

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SUCCESS! Here are just a few pics from SAF classes.? Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will have more if you search #stopassaultfast.? We had 4 countries, including the US, participate.? This was the first time FDG had stepped up to coordinate all of its membership locations for one single event.? We have a few places left [...]

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‘Merica! Guns but Safety for All!

Use these rules at all times.? Use them when you are teaching a class to beginners or experts.? Use these rules when you are learning at the range, in a CCW course, or in a Martial Arts course.? It does not matter what the gun is made out of; rubber, metal, or plastic.? It does [...]

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