About Todd Miller

Todd Miller began working in FAST Defense in 2001, having first meet Bill Kipp in Florida where Bill was promoting EZ- Defense at a national conference. Todd has since been an active participant in all that FAST Defense has to offer. Todd is currently focusing his efforts with the FAST Defense Global Instructor Development team. Todd loves seeing the changes FAST Defense can make in a person?s life in just a short amount of time. He has seen students break through in some of the most wonderful, personal transformations. FAST Defense?s anti-bullying course is the one that Todd is the most passionate about. Todd is a full time Instructor of both FAST Defense and the Martial Arts. He works for Indiana University in the Department of Kinesiology teaching various courses and is a Martial Arts school owner.

ASE ( Active Shooter Event)

At this years 48 Hours of Adrenaline one of the "Hot topics" was how to deal with an Active Shooter.? FAST currently doesn't have a standardized curriculum for this specific topic although we certainly have several advanced class plans that can answer this question.? Does FAST need to put its foot in the ring on [...]

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What ever Happened to…..

"Sticks and Stones may break my Bones but Words will never Hurt me!" This months tip is for SBF.? With the invention of social media also comes cyber bullying.? Basically the Star Trek way to try and hurt someones feelings without having to be anywhere near them. As a parent you must know what your [...]

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SUCCESS! Here are just a few pics from SAF classes.? Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will have more if you search #stopassaultfast.? We had 4 countries, including the US, participate.? This was the first time FDG had stepped up to coordinate all of its membership locations for one single event.? We have a few places left [...]

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‘Merica! Guns but Safety for All!

Use these rules at all times.? Use them when you are teaching a class to beginners or experts.? Use these rules when you are learning at the range, in a CCW course, or in a Martial Arts course.? It does not matter what the gun is made out of; rubber, metal, or plastic.? It does [...]

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UK & EU Basic Instructor Certification, January 2016

by Andras Willward, Andras Willward Despite being beset by all kinds of?logistical?challenges in the previous twelve months and a late (though?unrealized) threat of snow and storms, the United Kingdom and European Union FAST Defense Global Basic Instructor Certification Event - to give it its full, grandiose title - finally took place on the [...]

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2016 A Year in Review

"A Year in Review" by Todd Miller Its hard to believe 2015 is over and FDG is already moving into 2016. To most, success seems to come quickly. When you watch others and what they have accomplished, you usually can not? appreciate what it has taken for them to get where they are. Ultimately, in [...]

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It’s over, Now what!

What you do in the immediate aftermath of a self-defense incident is of the utmost importance. ?Using physical force to protect yourself when you are threatened is at the C of FAST's ABCs. Confidence to do what needs to be done. ?It's what the practice is about. ?When the threat is over, whether as a [...]

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