Officers & Directors

Brian Lentz
Brian LentzVice President
Brian Lentz has been training in martial arts since 1973 and teaching since 1978. As a martial arts instructor and school owner he has taught thousands of students the way to a better life through martial arts. In addition to being a 8th degree black belt in Kobayashi Shorin Ryu he has trained in many other systems and styles including Tang Soo Do, Chung Do Kwan, Aikido, Ju Jitsu and others. Also, he has trained and successfully competed in tournament karate, boxing and kickboxing, Plus, has trained two World Champion kickboxers and several regional amateur boxing competitors. Experienced working security for concerts and other special events and as a bouncer.
Sarah Hill
Sarah HillTreasurer
Sarah Hill began her FAST journey in 2017 when she read Bill Kipp?s book, Turning Fear Into Power. The book really resonated with her as it touched on several struggles she?s faced throughout her life. After reading the book, she took the FAST Basics class in Billings, MT. The first class helped her recognize what fear physically felt like and opened her eyes to just how much fear was in her life. As a survivor of childhood abuse, she felt the training helped her to not only face the fears from her past, but to stop allowing those fears to control her.

She has since taken every FAST class offered in Billings (some more than once) and recently felt the desire to help others experience the healing and empowerment that the FAST training provides. She became an Instructor in January 2019 and now helps coach and teach FAST Defense in Billings and the surrounding area. A stay-at-home mom, Sarah enjoys drawing, reading, and homeschooling her children. Sarah trains in martial arts classes as well. She is working toward her black belt in both Chi-Tu Do and Krav Maga.

Dennis Forleo
Dennis ForleoU.S. Director
Dennis Forleo has been involved in martial arts and self-defense for over 30 years and has run his own studio in Billings, Montana since 2003. He has trained in numerous martial arts and has attained a 4th Degree, a 5th Degree, a 7th Degree, and an 8th Degree Black Belt in 4 different styles. He was recognized by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as ?2014 Master of the Year.? Always striving to learn, he most recently achieved a 1st Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga in January of 2017. Dennis became involved with FAST Defense in 2010 and has become a Master FAST Defense Instructor, Coach and Predator. He has literally taught thousands of people how to deal with with the fear and adrenaline that accompanies conflict through FAST Defense. He is passionate about helping people become safer and more secure in their daily lives.
Bill Kipp
Bill KippFounder
With over 20 years of teaching this highly specialized training, Bill has logged over 50,000 live adrenal stress scenarios against students ranging from children, teens, moms, and dads with no previous training, to Martial Arts Experts and professional fighters. Bill served 3 West Pac deployments with the 3rd Marine Recon Teams, the 3rd as Recon Team Leader . A 5th Degree Black Belt with over 31 years in the Martial Arts, Mr. Kipp lived in Asia where he worked as a movie stuntman, bouncer, and bodyguard. His unique talents and methodologies have drawn corporations such as Lucent Technology, Lockheed Martin, MCI, and more, to contract him to teach self-defense, team building, and conflict resolution trainings for management and employees. Bill has authored several DVDs and Books on Self Defense.