Vision Statement

A governing body that develops, maintains, and supports adrenaline stress instructors worldwide by creating a powerful groups of individuals capable of projecting and imparting self confidence, and courage to others.

Mission statement

To lead and instruct the long term development of the best FAST defense instructors and students through scenario based adrenal stress response training.

A Brief History of FAST Defense

by Bill Kipp

billI have spent the past 27 years focusing on perfecting and refining the technology of scenario based adrenal stress response training to meet the specific needs of the adults, teenagers, children, and corporations. These various courses eventually evolved into my FAST (Fear Adrenal Stress Training) Defense system. This system has been implemented into Martial Arts schools worldwide as stand alone self defense seminars and as the Missing Link in Martial Arts training.

I continue to run my programs in Colorado, where I live on a horse ranch with my wife providing healing programs for survivors of trauma and abuse. It is with great pride that I can report that I’ve now personally trained hundreds instructors and these fine people have gone on to teach FAST Defense to the hundreds of thousands of students around the world. In the process, I have woofed and fought in well over 50,000 scenarios for people in all ages, and I continuously seek ways to refine the methodology. In FAST Defense, what used to take more than 30 hours can now be accomplished in a single day or less. I have used this shortened format very effectively in the private and corporate sector, training groups of Lucent Technology, MCI, Lockheed Martin, Coors, and many others.

The FAST course repertoire includes:

  • Assertive Boundary Setting
  • FAST Leadership Training
  • Stop Assault FAST – Awareness, Verbal Defense and physical defense against a single attacker
  • Ground fighting – Fighting from a prone position
  • Defense against armed attackers
  • Defense against multiple attackers
  • Defensive knife fighting

Last but certainly not least is the FAST CATS (Child Assertive Training Series) program that teaches children ages 6-12 how to deal with bullies, molesters, and abductors. Numerous FAST CATS graduates have put a stop to their torment from bullies. We also have documented stories of our child graduates using their skills to thwart real life abductions.

FAST Defense is so much more than self defense. FAST teaches crucial life skills that we all should have learned when we were kids. Such as skills that build confident communicators with the ability to handle challenges and conflict with calmness and composure. Not only is FAST the most effective self defense on the planet, it provides useful talents for all walks of life. And it is powerful healing for anyone who has already been a victim of assault or abuse.

For many, FAST Defense is a Heroes journey. Each course presents a unique odyssey into fear and the incredible power and freedom that exist on the other side of it. It can be life changing for the students who courageously face their fears to walk in our doors. And it is just as transformational for the valiant instructors who put their hearts and bodies on the line to help others. They are indeed a very special breed.