October 19-21, 2018

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This Year’s Event

Angry drunk, abusive partner, mugging, active shooter. How are you going to deal with these situations? You could wait to find yourself in each situation to find out. Or you can attend this years’ 48 Hours of Adrenaline and get step-by-step guidance on how to navigate a positive outcome for yourself and your loved ones.

At this years’ 48 Hours of Adrenaline you will go though our Level 1 training that teaches you the A-B-Cs of self-defense. This gives you the knowledge and tools to recognize potential violent situations and how to navigate around them with proper verbal commands. Of course sometimes proper verbal commands are not enough so you will learn proven techniques you can use to stop an attack. Don’t worry you don’t have to take our word on the techniques being “proven”; you get to prove them to yourself at full speed and full power on a live opponent through FAST Defense’s unique scenario training!

We know that today’s society comes with many different challenges and that the dangers you face are varied. That’s why at this years’ 48 Hours of Adrenaline we also take you through scenarios dealing with armed attackers. This year we will also navigate you through high energy , heavily adrenalized active shooter scenarios. This training is a must for everyone!

We look forward to seeing you at this years’ 48 Hours of Adrenaline this October 19th in Warsaw, IN. Get in early and register now.

Event Schedule

Friday, Ocotober 19

5:00 pm Event Check-In
5:30 pm Opening Circle of the ‘EVENT OF A LIFE TIME’
6:45 pm FAST?Basics Class
8:15 pm Closing Circle – ‘What’s in store for tomorrow’

Saturday, October 20

8:30 am Check-In
8:45 am Opening Circle
9:00 am Armed Assailants
12:30 pm Lunch Break
1:30 pm Circle up and ‘Gauntlet’ preparation
2:00 pm 2018 ‘Gauntlet’
4:45 pm Closing Circle
6:30 pm Dinner and Video review, Location to be announced

Sunday, October 21

8:30 am Opening Circle
9:00 am Active Shooter
12:00 pm Lunch Break
1:30 pm Circle up and ‘Gauntlet’ preparation
2:00 pm 2018 ‘Gauntlet’ Day 2
5:00 pm Group photo and?Closing Circle -?See you next year!

Location Information

Airport information
Hotel Information
Center Lake Pavilion

Instructor Training

Prior to the main 48 hours event, we will be holding a pre-event which is open only FDG members that are Certified Instructors.. Instructor advanced certification training for all qualified FAST instructors. This is additional to the main 48 Hours of Adrenaline event.?If you are a FAST Defense instructor, you owe it to yourself and your students to be the best possible instructor.

FAST Instructor Re-certification (for FAST Instructors only).?Join the FAST Master Instructor team for a day and a half of training to tune-up your FAST skills and update you to the very latest FAST teaching methods. You will walk away much more clear of the many subtle but powerful methods that comprise the Award Winning FAST Level I and Advanced Levels.

It?s HUGELY important that you attend. We?ll help to improve you and your team and make sure you are at peak performance. Plus you?ll get to hang out and share with FAST instructors from all across the world.

This training is only open to trained FAST instructors.


Thursday, October 18

8:30 am ? Instructor Tune Up Check-In
9:15 am ? Opening Circle
10:00 am ? Awareness review and woofing college
12:00 pm ? Lunch Break
1:15 pm ? Defense against armed attacker certification
3:30 pm ? Break time
3:45 pm ? Predator Armour fights
5:30 pm ? Closing circle
6:30 pm ? Order Pizza and Happy Hour till 8:00pm

Friday, October 19

8:30 am ? Re-Certification and Opening Day
9:15 am ? Opening Circle
10:00 pm ? ASE Certification – Active shooter event training
12:00 pm ? Lunch Break
12:30 pm ? Lunch Meeting and marketing round table
1:45 pm ? Predator Armour Fights
3:45 pm ? Close up Instructor Certification 48 Hours of Adrenaline
5:00 pm ? 48 Hours of Adrenaline Class Check-In begins


The atmosphere, from location to instructors to participants, it all created a relaxed environment in which to take an intense, personal journey with others. I have never felt the same mix of relaxation and mind-numbing challenge all wrapped up together.

Melody Kramer, Student

I am amazed at the incredible experience. Thank you Deb and Bill for being the people you are to allow this wonderful atmosphere to touch everyone. You make it like a family, that is incredibly rare.

Brian Killigrew, Student

I got one word: powerful

Angie Van Heel, Instructor

I can’t wait for more.

Jeff Mcmullen, Student

From beginners to high level instructors, everyone in attendance will have fun and dramatically increase their ability to use self-defense skills during unpredictable situations.

Marcy Shoberg, Instructor

It was a life-altering, paradigm shifting thrill ride full of cutting edge training from the world’s best instructors.

Dennis Forleo, Master Instructor

Life changing. Life affirming. The greatest gift of self empowerment you’ll ever give yourself.

Jeff Curtis, Student

Empowering. Every new challenge in life gets matched up against The Gauntlet and falls short – I did that twice; I can conquer anything else that life throws me.

Melody Kramer Raske, Student

The friendliest ego-free training event I’ve ever attended.?I learned something from every person that was there.

Dik Chance, Master Instructor

Fun Mayhem Comraderie!

Bill Kip, Founder