As I go through my Facebook news feed I am always struck by the advertisements for self defense classes and systems. Many of the ad’s feature someone in camouflage bdu’s or a black shirt with a gold shield logo. So are we to believe that they are creditable because the appear to be military or law enforcement? ARE YOU looking into classes because you are military or law enforcement?If you think you will be facing the same situations as our military in Afghanistan or Iraq you?must live in a very bad place. If you think that you will have a duty to enforce our laws then I hope your ready to explain that to a judge. Police work and military deployment require a completely different set of skills than the vast majority of you will ever need.

You need to learn WHAT YOU NEED TO LEARN! Don’t be fooled into thinking that O’soma Bin laden or Jeffery Daimler is likely to jump out of the bushes tonight at your home. It is much more likely that you could have an incident with someone angry over the way you drive. Will you be ready to de-escalate the situation and walk away or will you immediately decide to physically engage this individual and deal with that fallout? You need to learn what will keep you out of trouble and out of jail. Learn skills you will use. Perhaps you will need to deal with a psychopath, perhaps a terrorist or maybe just perhaps Joe average who is having a bad day or John average who had too much to drink. Remember that while, sometimes, violence happens in an instant most time violence starts small and builds giving you a chance to de-escalate and walk away before a bad ending occurs.

FAST Defense, because it really isn’t just about punching someone in the face.