The men violated the basic tenets of gun safety. One is to always treat a gun like it?s loaded. Another is to never point your pistol at anything you?re not willing to destroy. Other rules include keeping your finger off the trigger until you?re ready to fire the weapon, and knowing your target ? and what?s beyond the target.
I will assume from the video that the 2 guys are friends and out to have a fun day. Even if its my best friend I don’t trust anyone at the gun range with my safety. Its up to me to stay aware of the situation.

The gun instructor is seen demonstrating basic shooting tactics to a group of people. Everything seems to be going smoothly until the bloke accidentally fires the .44 Magnum handgun. Members of the group can be seen physically recoiling as the gunshot rings out on camera. But the instructor is determined to brush off the dangerous error that could have cost him his life.

One of the sudents asks: ?Did you mean to do that?? I would say again I don’t trust the Instructor. I could point out the whole finger on the trigger rule, or praise him for at least pointing the weapon in a “safe” direction. Although I hope this isn’t in a basement. Its up to me to stay aware of the situation.

This last video we can point the finger at the clerk, yes. Yet, the officer did nothing to check the weapon and didn’t assume the clerk was “first day” on the job. The police officer has sued a sporting goods store, Barren Sports in Kentucky, after he injured his hand while testing a gun. An attourney for the officer says that he “was was unaware he?d been handed a loaded weapon”. Although this isn’t at a gun range the rule # 5 still applies. When someone hands you a weapon even if they have checked it for safety. You can go ahead and give it a proper once over too. Its up to me to stay aware of the situation.