“Sticks and Stones may break my Bones but Words will never Hurt me!”

This months tip is for SBF.? With the invention of social media also comes cyber bullying.? Basically the Star Trek way to try and hurt someones feelings without having to be anywhere near them.
As a parent you must know what your children do on the Internet and should routinely check their child’s cellphone texts and messages. If your child shows changes in his or her personality, talk with him or her. If your child won’t talk, call your child’s principal, counselor or teacher and ask if they have noticed a change in your child’s actions.

Know your child’s friends. Talk with him or her about changes in your child’s personality and about your child’s safety. Your child may be angry when you scan his or her text messages, log on to his or her Facebook account or read his or her email.

Most importantly teach them confidence and a warrior spirit.? Just because someone, some where, posted online, words about you.? In NO way does any real damage or causes any real harm.? Yeah, your child might have hurt feelings, or even be angry but be sure to let them know? “Sticks and Stones may break my Bones but Words will never Hurt me!”