“A Year in Review”

by Todd Miller

Its hard to believe 2015 is over and FDG is already moving into 2016. To most, success seems to come quickly. When you watch others and what they have accomplished, you usually can not? appreciate what it has taken for them to get where they are. Ultimately, in failing to see this process, you also fail to learn what it would take for YOU to attain the same level of achievement and success. But, if you take some time to think about it, you will find that success was just a bunch of little steps.? Here are some of FDG’s little steps.

  • As Dik Chance was moving back to the UK, Woody Boyd started out the year in a new position with FAST. Mr. Boyd was lunching the idea of FAST Defense Global. He created the idea of a more unified FAST family in the US.
  • Bill and Woody had an idea that we wanted to do something POWERFUL at the 2015 48 HOA.? Mr. Boyd had an idea for Bystander Intervention training like no one else was doing at the time.
  • After several months of fine tuning FDG launched the “Step Up and Step In”,? Step-up for yourself and step in for others, making the 2015 48 HOA one of the most successful we have done.
  • In July at the annual Instructor Tune Up, the attending instructors came up with the idea to head toward a non-profit status. ?It was at this time that Bill Kipp and Woody Body took on more of a consulting role in the future of FDG.
  • It was during this same meeting that instructors create the current Board of Directors. ?They ?are: Bill Kipp, Woody Boyd and Todd Miller from the the U.S., EU Director Andras Millward, and Australia Director Dan Watkins. The Officers include Todd Miller President, Angie Van Heel as Secretary, and Josh?Hartwell as Treasurer.
  • In addition FDG has been on a social media rampage. ?We have updated our?Follow us on Twitter?View our videos on YouTube?Like us on Facebook?pages. ?We have completely revamped the website?FAST Defense Global?and this includes the instructor area. ?If you have not yet gotten in contact with us online don’t wait!
  • Last but not least. ?The new BIC manuals are done. ?BIC stands for

    Basic Instructor Course, and you can look for your FREE copy at the next instructor course you attend. This manual holds the details on what I takes to teach and run a top quality FAST course. ?It also holds what Bill Kipp’s? considers to be the minimum, requirement it takes to be a part of the international team of top FDG instructors.

So, you see, we took small steps to success all along the way. Together, they added up to hundreds of thousands of small steps. But we might have chosen not to take the first step. We might have stopped at any point along the way. That would have meant that we would not have gotten to our destination. ?There were also obstacles along the way. But with each small step they were overcome.

Part of that is your continued support. FDG would like to thank each and everyone of you. Lookout 2016 here we come!