When the camera is turned on, the dash cam records everything

YouTube is full of every kind of video, parody, and, apparently, abundant amounts of outrageous footage from dash-mounted cameras. Dash cams aren’t completely alien concepts to American drivers, but not everyone has one stuck on their vehicle’s windshield-this kind of device is generally seen in use by police officers and highway patrol. These dash cams get used on not only cars but can include motorcycles, bikes, and a variety of outdoor equipment.

So what are some benefits of a dash cam? Well, that really depends on what your goal is for having one. One of the biggest ones that come to mind is protecting your insurance. It does create a full time witness that can be used to prove or detail a car accident, hit and run, or insurance scammers. Insurance businesses in the U.S. do not yet provide incentives (as do those in Europe) for motorists who use dash cams. But with many videos posted online that have recorded incidents of road rage and other hazardous or extreme behaviors; all that could change.

This video can also be used in court to reduce the time it takes to reach a settlement. Motorists

should be aware of how the cameras are installed. It is permitted and you can put them on your dashboard or windshield to cover the largest possible recording angle. I would suggest some restrictions so that it is not placed in a position that causes the driver to become dangerous and creates a