Violent Crime Happens Every 52 Seconds.

Are you prepared?

FAST Defense is the only Personal Protection Training in the world that…

  • Addresses the real-time physiological FIGHT response to a real-time threat.

  • Does not require weeks, months, or years of training to be able to respond to a threat.

  • Has long-term retention with immediate recall when threatened, up to 10 years after the training.

If your self-defense training doesn't address the physiology of adrenal stress, then why do it?

Pyramids2sFAST Defense is a concept-based personal protection system with a focus on simple techniques, with a very scientific teaching pedagogy intended to get people to control the adrenal rush of flight, fight, freeze when faced with a real or perceived threat against themselves or a loved one. FAST teaches the students to ?flip the switch’, and control their adrenal stress response in such a way that they will not be victimized. In short, we know that adrenaline, when controlled, becomes the great equalizer and allows us to fight with the ferocity and strength to prevail even under superior odds. And it works fast!

Discover Why FAST Defense Is The Missing Link

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What Students Say About FAST Training

“In my experience, Bill Kipp’s FAST Defense courses are the most effective, accessible, empowering, and inspiring self-defense methodology I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen innumerable others. For most people, including those with no martial arts experience, who have wished to possess the ability to avoid confrontations and effectively defend themselves and loved ones should an attack occur, FAST Defense delivers the goods. In many cases this course changes lives. Many are skeptical that all this can be taught in such a short time — but experience makes believers of all. This is the course I recommend to all my loved ones.”

Dan Millman, Author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior...

?We just finished a FAST Defense Training with Bill Kipp. Our guys are so energized and so empowered it?s unbelievable! I can say unequivocally that this is the most import seminar that any Martial Arts Instructor can have in their school, bar none.?

Joe Corley

“I wish I had found this thirty years or so ago. I believe in this method, and in Bill. This is what I thought martial arts would be like when I started 35 years ago, very realistic, a very real feeling.?

Stephen K. Hayes, Black Belt Hall of Fame member, an author who has sold over 1.3 million books on ninjitsu...

“If I had not taken Bill’s FAST Defense training, I would not have survived a recent attack and in all likelihood would not be here and have the luxury of writing this well deserved recommendation for what Bill is bringing forward to protect people. Bill’s voice and presence were right there, as the assault was occurring, internally coaching me through a horrifying experience. Thank you Bill. Your work gave me the skills and presence of mind to navigate a life threatening experience. I am a large man who has trained with navy seal instructors and S.W.A.T., but I survived the attack because of what I learned in Bill’s workshops. I am prepared to say you absolutely need the verbal and physical skills from his workshops and trainings and you will find in no other dojo or training anywhere in America. I hope what happened to me never happens to anyone. But if it does, you will thank yourself for having prepared by training with Bill and his team. The verbal skills and the awareness you learn from working with Bill and his team are tools you can use everyday. The physical skills, hopefully you’ll only need once in a lifetime, if at all. But you’ll thank yourself that you have them.”


“I think that this a program that is very important for every person at every age to take. I wish that I had some of these skills as a child, but I can not change the past I can only change the future. I sent my son through the program and I will send my daughter through in a year. I will continue to pass the word on about the program because I am a true believer in the success of it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Christina Rodriguez...